Julius Media

Here's what I can do:

Julius Media, LLC aims to serve individuals who are seeking to build a unique online brand from the ground up, also to serve small to medium businesses that want a professional website that cannot be delivered by a do-it-yourself website service.

Build your website

web development graphic
  • Register your domain and manage your web hosting service
  • Build a unique website that showcases your brand the way you want future clients to see it
  • Employ features and components that keep users engaged with your site
  • Secure your website to keep users info protected and keep their confidence high
  • Create an intuitive experience that makes buying, selling and providing your product and services hassle free

Boost your social media

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  • Create organized and attractive social media profiles
  • Re-vamp your existing profiles to better reflect your potential as a brand
  • Manage posts on your social media to remind everyone about your business

Virtual assistant services

virtual assistant graphic
  • I can help keep your business organized setting up tools such as the various google apps and other platforms that you're interested in
  • Manage your email accounts so you can do the important work you’ve been struggling to find time for
  • Need graphics and video editing? I can do that too!
  • If there’s something else you need, just ask. I’ll help you out with a set of fresh eyes or an extra pair of hands to lift some weight off your shoulders!